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urban myths and urban legendsWelcome to

Urban myths, urban legends, folklore, stories... true, not true, too good to be true??

Credible stories, retold by credible people - but are they believable, or they made up, lie and fiction, or based on truth, fact and reality?

These urban myths occur all over the world in settings that are realistic and familiar to us all, our cars, our homes, our offices and happen to ordinary people, like us.

But, however how believable the tales, how realistic the setting, they are myths, legends and folklore... often funny, amusing, scary or horrifying. But still no more than that...

We've collected together hundreds of the most famous, infamous, funny, weird, bizarre and mystifying urban myths in this website, all organized into convenient categories for you to browse... dive in and read the most believable and unbelievable urban myths and urban legends.


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